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Anjali Lama-The First Transgender Model To Walk On Lakme Indian Fashion Week

Anjali Lama, Lakme Fashion Week, Transgender Model, Nepal, India, LGBT Models

Anjali Lama from Nepal the first transgender to catwalk on Lakme India Fashion Week, Mumbai, India.

Born as a man and now a woman. This inspiring and hardworking story is all you need to read at this very moment.

Below are some facts & Struggles about this inspiring model.

* Anjali Lama is the first transgender model to catwalk in one of India’s most Glamorous event Lamke Indian Fashion Week in Mumbai, India.
* She hails from Nuwakot, Nepal her birth name was Nabin Wali.
* she is a 32 year old first transgender model from Nepal, born in a farmer background to a Waiba family.
* She is also an activist for an LGBT group known as ‘Blue Diamond Society’ of Kathmandu, Nepal.

She says it was very hard for her to find her own space and image within her family & society but Later She moved to capital of Nepal, Kathmandu for her further studies & it was where she found acceptance as a LGBT.
This is what she had to say about her:

“I knew I could feel like another person living in someone else’s body. Hence, I was ready to face the cruel words that people threw at me”

“Most of the people, including my own brothers, weren’t ready to accept me for who I was. I had to stay strong and believe in myself.
My mother and sisters were the only ones who supported me throughout,”

“I always knew that I had been born in the wrong body and finally in 2005, I turned the decision to dress as a woman for the first time.”

In 2014, she featured in a documentary ‘Anjali: Living Inside Someone Else’s Skin‘ where she hopes to become completely female in coming days but
an operation which is financially out of reach for her.

Anjali says it would be a “dream come true” to follow other transgender models of major catwalks such as New York, Milan and Paris,
She also hopes that her catwalk in Lakme Indian Fashion Week will make a difference in the battle for acceptance for LGBT rights in the coming Days.

Lastly a message Anjali remains “I do hope to be an inspiration for other transgender people. I’d like to tell them to always believe in themselves and to work towards their goals,”

We Fashion Online India are very inspired by Anjali Lama & would like to wish her very best for her upcoming challenges and also thanking her for bringing positive changes in our society which we really lack. 🙂

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